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 You Can't Spank a Rhino  & You Can't Spank a Rhino Twice
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Presented by Amanda Florsheim, DVM, CBCC-KA & Cathy Painter-Rigden, LVT, CBCC-KA

These back-to-back short seminars are for shelters, rescues, pet owners, clinic staff, and veterinarians!

You really don't want to miss these presentations! 

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Topics will include behavior issues, behavioral medications, behavior modification,

using positive reinforcement (and why) ... and more!

 Sunday, August 13, 2017 ~ 1pm to 4pm



 Family Paws Parent Education

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Presenter:  Kellie Snider, MS

Creating Dog Aware Generations

From Expecting to Toddlers

August 6, 2017, 2pm to 4:30pm, at Jan Rees Jones Animal Care Center in Dallas

August 20, 2017, 2pm to 4:30pm, at Russell H. Perry Animal Care Center in McKinney

Are you getting ready to welcome a new baby into your home?  Are you wondering how to make it work with the dog you already have? And of course, that baby will grow into an active toddler before you know it! What will your dog think about that? 

Welcome to Family Paws Parent Education! This two-part class includes Dogs & Storks, for expectant families, and Dogs & Toddlers, a class for families with toddlers. These classes go over some of the important issues that should be discussed when introducing a child to a family that already has one or more dogs. Should I let the dog smell the baby right away? Will my dog protect my child? What about bringing a blanket home from the hospital so he can get used to the baby's smell? Do I need to stop letting my dog sleep in bed with us? 

Your instructor, Kellie Snider, MS, has a master's degree in behavior analysis, and is a licensed Family Paws Parent Educator.  She also manages Animal Behavior Programs at the SPCA of Texas. She has successfully raised two boys with a dog and other pets in the family. 








Love Puppies & Kittens?

Cuddle puppies and kittens, dote on dogs and cats, provide post-operative care for canines and felines and teach four-legged foster friends what snuggling is all about.

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SPCA of Texas Voices

"I'm absolutely in LOVE with Kitty (formerly Kaleigh). I know her name isn't original at all but I just started calling her that until I could think of a name and it just stuck - it's so her! I've attached two photos - she's seriously the most beautiful kitty in the world! She loves to steal tennis balls and bones from her dog sister - she thinks she's a dog! She enjoys going for walks and car rides, snuggling with mom, bird watching, drinking from the sink, playing with her pipe cleaners and getting into mom's makeup in the mornings. I couldn't 'imagine life without her. She's the absolute best!"

Laureen Jankins

Pet Owner