Basic Dog Tips


Basic Obedience Training for Dogs

How to Get Your Dog to Behave

Puppy Socialization and Development

Dog Toys - Choosing and Using Them

Dog to Dog Introductions 

Crate Training

Inside or Outside Dog?

Training a Deaf Dog

AKC Dog Training Tips

Dog Body Language

Dominance in Dog Training, AVSAB Position Statement

Crate Games DVD by Susan Garrett

Protocol for Deference

Protocol for Relaxation

How to use treats in training

Dogs and Kids


Children and Dogs Together

Helping Kids Avoid Dog Bites

Pets and Your New Baby

Keys to Supervising Kids and Dogs Together

How Kids Should NOT Interact with Dogs

How Kids SHOULD Interact with Dogs

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Housetraining Your Adult Dog or Puppy

Urine Marking - Dogs

Cleaning Pet Stains and Odors

Crate Training

Inside or Outside Dog?

YouTube Video: How to Potty Train your Puppy EASILY! by Zak George

The 5 Most Common Potty Training Mistakes by Zak George

Fearful Dogs


Fearful Dogs

Adopting a Fearful Dog

Fear of People

Fear of Thunder and Loud Noises

Fearful Body Langauge

The Fearful Dog Blog by Debbie Jacobs

Recommended Reading: The Cautious Canine by Patricia McConnell

YouTube Video: How to Train your Dog Not to be Scared by Zak George

Aggression in Dogs


Aggresive Behavior in Dogs

Canine Rivalry (Dog Aggression)

Resource Guarding (aggression over food,items,etc.) 

Dog Reactivity

Dog to Dog Introductions 


Basic Cat Tips


Bringing Home Your Newly Adopted Cat

Cat Toys - Choosing and Using Them

Introducing Cats

Introducing Cats and Dogs

Setting Up Your Cat's Litterbox

Cats and Scratching

Before You Declaw Your Cat

Basic Training Tips for Cats




Common Behavior Problems - Cats


Reasons Your Cat Hates the Litterbox

When Your Kitten or Cat Plays Rough

Cat Aggression Towards People

Aggression Between Family Cats

The Vocal Cat

The Fearful Cat

Destructive Cats - Scratching

Fear, Aggression, and Unwanted Cat Behaviors

Common Behavior Problems - Dogs


Destructive Chewing in Dogs

Running Away & Not Coming When Called

Barking - Why and What to do About It

Jumping on People

Puppy Behavior - Nipping and Biting

Submissive and Excitement Urination

Separation Anxiety

Does Your Dog Have Separation Anxiety?

How to Calm Your Anxious Dog

Escape Artists



Teach Your Dog


Teach Your Dog - Leave It

Teach Your Dog - Drop It and Give

Teach Your Dog - Relax on a Mat

AKC Dog Training Tips

Dominance in Dog Training, AVSAB Position Statement

Games to Play with Your Dog


Games to Play with Your Dog - Find It

Games to Play with Your Dog - Hide and Seek

Games to Play with Your Dog - Retrieve

Games to Play with Your Dog - Tug of War




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"I'm absolutely in LOVE with Kitty (formerly Kaleigh). I know her name isn't original at all but I just started calling her that until I could think of a name and it just stuck - it's so her! I've attached two photos - she's seriously the most beautiful kitty in the world! She loves to steal tennis balls and bones from her dog sister - she thinks she's a dog! She enjoys going for walks and car rides, snuggling with mom, bird watching, drinking from the sink, playing with her pipe cleaners and getting into mom's makeup in the mornings. I couldn't 'imagine life without her. She's the absolute best!"

Laureen Jankins

Pet Owner