iFoster Wish List

We supply our iFosters with everything they need to care for their foster pets. Many of these supplies are donations from the public.

If you are interested in fostering and would like to purchase some of your own items, or if you aren’t currently in a position to become an iFoster but would still like to help our foster pets, a donation of any of the following would be greatly appreciated: 

  • Unscented baby wipes – Sometimes called “Natural” or “Hypo-Allergenic,” these wipes are best for cleaning the messy faces (and bottoms!) of little puppies and kittens.
  • Puppy potty training pads – While there are few things that are absolutely certain in life, one thing is that puppies are messy! Potty pads make cleaning up much easier and help train puppies to “go” in a certain area, making them much more adoptable!
  • KMR brand puppy and kitten formula – Just like with adult dogs and cats, it is important to keep puppies and kittens on a consistent diet. This is the brand of formula that we choose to feed our bottle babies. We appreciate donations of any size that this formula is available in!
  • Bottle kits – New bottles and nipples must be used for each new litter you care for. In the spring and summer, these kits are in very high demand! We use both the 2 ounce and 4 ounce bottle kits.
  • Digital scale – Puppies and kittens cannot be spayed or neutered until they are at least two pounds and two months of age. A small digital scale is very important for tracking the growth of the little ones.
  • Exercise pens of any size – Fosters pets should have their own space within your home, for their safety and for the safety of your personal pets. Crates are great for certain situations, but sometimes are too small, but exercise pens are wonderful for exercise and play time.
  • Enzymatic cleaners – These cleaners are very useful in cleaning up accidents from even the tiniest of foster pets. We love that iFoster volunteers want to take these animals into their homes, but we understand they would like to keep their homes fresh and clean.
  • Disinfectant and Deodorizer – This cleaner is a great disinfectant and deodorizer for any surface and any mess pets may make in your home.
  • Shaggy Bath Mats – These are the perfect crate liner for small puppies and kittens. Pets can snuggle up in them just like they would with their mother. They’re easy to clean, too.