Why Join iFoster?

Why is fostering important? Because our foster volunteers save lives.

Animals in need of foster care often have special needs that are better fulfilled in a home rather than the shelter, or they require more care than our dedicated staff members have the resources to provide. Quality time and specialized care in a quiet environment can make a world of difference in the life of an animal, and help get them ready to go up for adoption and into loving homes.

As an SPCA of Texas iFoster volunteer, you’ll provide:

  • A loving, temporary home for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens in need of socialization. A home is the best place for puppies and kittens (and fully grown dogs and cats, too) to be socialized because they’ll get used to what they’ll actually experience in their forever home, like the vacuum cleaner or kids. Teaching these babies that new things are fun and not scary is crucial to setting a little (or not so little) one up for a wonderful life.
  • A comfortable place for pets to recuperate and gain strength. Whether they came to the SPCA of Texas with a compromised immune system due to physical or emotional distress, because they are very young or are nursing mothers, or whether they are recovering from illness or surgery, animals that go to foster care recover faster and stay healthier once they come back to the shelter to go up for adoption.
  • A place on the adoption floor for a pet who is ready to find his new home. Each time a pet goes to foster care, his space can then be made available for another animal to go up for adoption. When you foster, you are not just helping the animal that you take into your home, you are also helping another homeless pet find their forever home!

You can make a difference. Become an iFoster volunteer today and save lives.