How to Spot a Puppy Mill

Puppy mill owners breed dogs for the purpose of selling the puppies for a profit, and the welfare and living conditions of the dogs comes a distant second.

Puppy mills owners don't let you see where their dogs live.

Puppy mill owners will try to meet you at a location other than where they live or won't let you into their home.

Puppy mill owners will go to great lengths to disguise their location.

Puppy mills don't provide a health guarantee.

Puppy mills don't take proper care of their breeding dogs.

Puppy mill owners often don't control the breeding of their dogs and consistenty overbreed their females.

Puppy mill owners sell their dogs over the Internet, through newspaper ads, at a flea market or from the side of the road, and will make you believe that the dogs they sell come from happy, pampered mothers when nothing could be further from the truth.

The SPCA of Texas urges you to adopt your next pet from your local shelter or breed rescue group. Or if you decide to purchase from a breeder, make sure they are reputable. All reputable breeders provide detailed genealogical information dating back several generations, will have the mother available for you to meet (who will appear clean, well cared for and happy), should always provide a health guarantee and may require that you spay or neuter your pet as a part of the purchase agreement should you not be a licensed breeder yourself.

If you suspect that you've discovered a puppy mill, report suspected inhumane conditions and animal neglect and abuse to the SPCA of Texas and your local authorities.

Tell your family, friends and neighbors about the plight of dogs bred in puppy mills and encourage them to adopt from shelters and rescue groups.

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