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This Valentine’s Day, Don’t Say “I Love You” with Chocolate

The SPCA of Texas Reminds Public that Chocolate can be Poisonous to Pets

There has long been a love affair between people and chocolate, especially on Valentine’s Day. But just because it may soothe life’s little bumps or win over one’s sweetheart, that doesn’t mean that Buddy or Whiskers can eat it.
The SPCA of Texas reminds pet lovers that chocolate is dangerous. Chocolate contains a xanthine compound called theobromine that is toxic to dogs and cats in sufficient quantities, and semi-sweet and baking chocolate are even more dangerous to pets than milk chocolate because they contain higher levels of theobromine.
Chocolate toxicity can cause excitability, irritability, increased heart rate, restlessness, increased urination, vomiting and muscular tremors or tenseness in pets. In severe cases, seizures, cardiac arrest or even death can occur. The severity of the response depends on the size of the animal, the amount and kind of chocolate eaten and when it was eaten.
Only one-half of an ounce of semi-sweet or baking chocolate can be fatal in small dogs and cats. That’s two to three ounces for medium dogs and eight ounces for large dogs. For milk chocolate, a small amount may not cause death but it can make pets very ill.
If you suspect chocolate poisoning and your dog or cat is showing signs of the problem, contact your veterinarian or emergency clinic immediately.
Instead of sharing your chocolate, show your pet how much you love him or her this Valentine’s Day in one of the following ways:

- Purchase new toys and treats for your pet.

- Spend more time with your pet.

- Exercise and socialize your pet.

- Enroll your dog in obedience training.

- Make sure your pets are spayed and neutered. Make an appointment today at  

- Make sure your pets are up to date on their vaccinations. Call 214-742-SPCA (7722) to make an appointment.

For more information, call the SPCA of Texas at 214.742.SPCA (7722) or visit


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