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Owners of Deceased Puppies Found in Southeast Dallas Charged with Cruelty to Non-Livestock Animals


(DALLAS, TX); July 13, 2018–Yesterday, the SPCA of Texas and the Dallas County District Attorney's Office filed criminal charges in two cases of Cruelty to Non-Livestock Animals (failure to provide medical care), a Class A Misdemeanor, against the owners of three deceased puppies found dumped near Dowdy Ferry Road and Middlefield Road in Southeast Dallas. The case will now be filed with the Dallas County District Attorney's Office. An indictment will be coming in the near future, and that will determine when the trial will be set.

Dallas Animal Services called the SPCA of Texas to take on this investigation pursuant to a Memorandum of Understanding between the SPCA of Texas and the Dallas Police Department designed to help bring perpetrators of animal cruelty to justice.

The SPCA of Texas began investigating the case on June 19, 2018 after receiving a call from Dallas Animal Services about three deceased puppies found near Dowdy Ferry Road. An SPCA of Texas Animal Cruelty Investigator visited the scene that same day along with the Animal Control Officer who had taken the initial call reporting the deceased puppies as well as a witness associated with a group known as the Dowdy Ferry Animal Commission who had reported the case to Dallas Animal Services. 

Dallas Animal Services removed one deceased puppy and transferred it to the SPCA of Texas so that a necropsy could be performed to determine the cause of death. The other two deceased puppies were too decomposed to remove. An SPCA of Texas veterinarian performed a necropsy on the deceased puppy, and determined the cause of death to be a combination of parvoviral enteritis, also known as parvo, a highly contagious and deadly disease in dogs, as well as severe anemia, a result of a serious and prolonged infestation of fleas and/or ticks. This necropsy result provided credible evidence of failure to provide care and the investigation proceeded.

Video cameras placed at Dowdy Ferry Road by the group known as the Dowdy Ferry Animal Commission provided further evidence, capturing video of the vehicle of the individual dumping the puppies. Using the information seen in the video, the SPCA of Texas' investigator was able to identify and make contact with the owners of the puppies. Interviews were conducted and the individuals involved admitted to being the owners of the deceased puppies and that they had not provided adequate care for the deceased puppies.

This evidence provided probable cause to file a prosecution packet with the Dallas County District Attorney's Office.

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