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Texas Horses Need Help from Texans

SPCA of Texas Urges Texans to Help Protect Horses from Inhumane Slaughter


The SPCA of Texas joins Texas Humane Legislation Network (THLN) in asking the public to help protect horses from senseless, inhumane slaughter by calling Senator John Cornyn today to ask for his support. THLN has more information on their website:

The SPCA of Texas urges Texans to call Senator John Cornyn and their representative and ask that they ensure any government funding measure protects horses from going to slaughter in mass horse slaughter plants.

WHY: THLN is a leader in protecting horses in Texas from death at the hands of horse slaughterers for meat consumption overseas. Working together with lawmakers in 2002, THLN asked then-Texas Attorney General John Cornyn for an opinion on a state law regarding horse slaughter that was unenforced at the time. His opinion found that the state law was applicable, and eventually led to the closure of the two foreign-owned horse slaughtering plants in Texas.

In every federal budget since 2007, an amendment has been added keeping horse slaughter out of this country by restricting funding for government inspections of horse slaughter plants. No funding means no inspections. Without inspections, plants cannot operate. This year the House Appropriations Committee narrowly rejected the amendment, opening the door for horse slaughter facilities—which have a history of rampant cruelty violations—to return to our country. The Senate kept with tradition, and passed the amendment.

Senator Cornyn is in a position to be a powerful voice when leaders come together to agree on a final bill. He needs to hear from their constituents to prevent thousands of horses, both wild and domestic, from a cruel and inhumane end in a kill box.

HOW: The SPCA of Texas is calling upon Texans to call Senator Cornyn and their representative and ask them to ensure any government funding measure protects horses, both wild and domestic, from going to slaughter or from any form of mass killing.

Sen. Cornyn helped protect Texas horses. Let’s make sure he helps protect all horses from a cruel and inhumane death.

Texans can contact Senator Cornyn at one of the following offices:
202-224-2934 Washington DC
713-572-3337 Houston
956-423-0162 Harlingen
806-472-7533 Lubbock
210-224-7485 San Antonio
512-469-6034 Austin
903-593-0902 Tyler
972-239-1310 Dallas

To reach your representative, call the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and asking to be transferred to the office of your representative in the House. When the receptionist answers, state your name, the town you live in and your reason for calling. For more information, visit

MORE INFO: According to the ASPCA, it is a myth that only old, unwanted or sickly horses are slaughtered. USDA reports show that over 92% of American horses sent to slaughter are healthy animals who could lead full lives in loving homes and play productive societal roles (e.g., mounted patrols, equine therapy programs).
Also, American horsemeat is unsafe for human consumption. Because horses are not raised for food in this country, throughout their lives they are regularly given medications and substances that are banned for use in food animals due to their known toxicity to humans.

Additionally, an overwhelming 80% of American voters oppose the slaughter of horses for human consumption.


About the SPCA of Texas
The SPCA of Texas is the leading animal welfare organization in North Texas. Founded in 1938, the non-profit operates two shelters, three spay/neuter clinics and an animal rescue center, all located in Dallas and Collin Counties, and maintains a team of animal cruelty investigators who respond to thousands of calls in seven North Texas counties. Moreover, the SPCA of Texas serves as an active resource center for an array of services that bring people and animals together to enrich each other’s lives. The SPCA of Texas is not affiliated with any other entity and does not receive general operating funds from the City of Dallas, State of Texas, federal government or any other national humane organization. The SPCA of Texas is dedicated to providing every animal exceptional care and a loving home. For more information, visit

About Texas Humane Legislation Network
The Texas Humane Information Network was formed in 1975 by a handful of concerned advocates from across the state who recognized the humane treatment of animals needed to be the law. Few animal protection laws existed in Texas, and the words “animal welfare” were rarely heard inside our state capitol.

Years later ‘THIN’ became ‘THLN’ (Texas Humane Legislation Network) and our efforts to engage the public and educate state legislators on animal cruelty issues became more sophisticated and successful.  Our networking capabilities morphed from ‘phone trees’ and postal mailers - to online messaging and social media, taking our message to the masses in minutes versus weeks.  Our partnerships with local animal shelters, animal service agencies, law enforcement, and animal advocacy groups ensured comprehensive knowledge of the most egregious problems needing legislative resolution. And lastly, our grassroots lobbying efforts combined with those of seasoned professional lobbyists have facilitated the passage of dozens of animal protection measures.

THLN’s mission and purpose is unique in Texas, in that we are the only organization who works year round to protect animals through legislation.  We have effectuated change for hundreds of thousands of animals for generations to come. What began as a small group of concerned individuals 40 years ago, has grown to become one of the most respected statewide animal welfare lobby groups in the nation. For more information, visit

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