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Arrest Made in Case of Dog Beaten to Near Death in Dallas County

(DALLAS, TX); June 7, 2016 –
The evening of Monday, June 6, 2016, Michael John Ennis, 22, was arrested by the Allen Police Department on felony animal cruelty charges for the death of his girlfriend's dog, Roberto, a 3-year-old male Terrier mix weighing approximately 15 pounds. Mr. Ennis was booked into the Collin County Jail and bond has been set at $25,000.

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Allegedly, on the night of Friday, May 20, Mr. Ennis beat Roberto to near death at his girlfriend's house in Farmer's Branch in Dallas County. Roberto was taken to an Emergency Animal Clinic at around midnight. Sadly, due to the injuries Roberto sustained, he had to be euthanized that same night.  The next day, the SPCA of Texas' Chief Investigator and Dallas County District Attorney’s Office Special Investigator received a call regarding the situation.

On Monday, May 23, a necropsy was performed to determine cause of death and the extent of Roberto's injuries. The veterinarian who performed the necropsy determined that Roberto had been euthanized due to post traumatic injuries and noted that Roberto's left eye was bulging out, that his left eye socket was fractured and that he sustained bruising over the left side of his head and the right side of his body. X-rays revealed several broken ribs.

The Investigator spoke with all witnesses and attempted to contact Mr. Ennis. The Investigator did not receive a response from Mr. Ennis. After the investigation was completed, the Investigator found probable cause of felony animal cruelty and presented the case to the Animal Cruelty Unit at the Dallas County District Attorney's Office. A felony arrest warrant was obtained on June 2.

"There is a well-documented link between animal cruelty and human violence." said SPCA of Texas President James Bias. "Bringing these individuals to justice will help stop the cycle of abuse."

The SPCA of Texas points out that animal cruelty is often an early warning sign of violent tendencies that will be acted out against people. Childhood cruelty to animals has been linked to later antisocial and aggressive behavior in several retrospective studies. The SPCA of Texas is committed to stopping this cycle through maintaining an active Animal Cruelty Investigations Unit that responds to reports of abuse and neglect in eight North Texas counties, through lobbying the Texas legislature to strengthen animal cruelty laws, by encouraging the community to get involved in their local and state government to advocate for animals and by encouraging individuals to report all suspected animal cruelty to their local law enforcement agency and the SPCA of Texas. To report suspected cruelty or abuse to the SPCA of Texas, call 214-742-SPCA (7722) or visit

The SPCA of Texas will continue to do everything in its power to assist law enforcement as they work with prosecutors to take this specific case as far as possible under state law and bring this individual to justice.

To help support the SPCA of Texas and its efforts to help abused, neglected and homeless animals and to support the SPCA of Texas' other programs and services, please visit To learn more about the SPCA of Texas, please visit our website at




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