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Spirit Finds Her Forever Family

Spirit, a beautiful Siberian Husky who was transferred to the SPCA of Texas from Louisiana found her forever home! This sweet girl quickly became a staff favorite and definitely found her way into the hearts of her new family! Congratulations to Spirit and her forever family!

Princess Goes Home!

Another one of our Louisiana SPCA pups, Princess, was adopted this afternoon by her new mommy! Princess is a very sweet Boston Terrier who loves to give kisses!

The Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas Visits the SPCA of Texas!

We had a very pleasant surprise here at the SPCA of Texas last Sunday. Girl Scout Troop 5391 came to show their love for animals with their Take Action idea to make dog treat bags out of bandanas. When the girls learned about our new animal friends from Louisiana and Mississippi, they decided that they would deliver treat bags to our Jan Rees-Jones Animal Care Center in Dallas. They also enjoyed some time with our dogs and cats! Thank you for your support, Girl Scouts!


More Great Adoptions at the SPCA of Texas!

We are so thrilled that we had 211 adoptions last week! That's double the amount we have in a normal week, and it's all thanks to you! We could not have done this without your support, and for that we thank you!


Anabelle and her new family!                                                                    Bankston and his new daddy!


Baretta and her new family                                                                       Berkely and her new daddy!


Blaze and his new family!                                                                         Bree can't wait to go home!


Caillou and his new family!                                                                         Cinnamon and her new mommy!


Colt can't wait to go home!                                                                     Diamond and her new family are in love!


Imogene and her new family!                                                                     Jax and his new family can't wait to go home!


Kali Mae and her new mommy!                                                                      Lily, a Louisiana transfer, and her new daddy!


Nixie Belle, a longterm resident, is goin' home!                                               Spirit, a Louisiana transfer, and her new family!

Trudy and her new family can't wait to go home!

Photos from the Plaquemine, Louisiana Transfer









SPCA of Texas Receives 85 More Dogs and Cats from Louisiana in the Aftermath of Hurricane Isaac

Transport vehicles will arrive at the SPCA of Texas' Perry Animal Care Center in McKinney, TX between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m. the morning of Saturday, September 1st with 46 cats and 39 dogs transferred from the Plaquemines Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) and Plaquemines Parish Animal Control in Belle Chasse, Louisiana, in the aftermath Hurricane Isaac.

Stay tuned to this page for updates as we have them available.

[[Video]] SPCA of Texas transfers 181 dogs, cats from Louisiana, Mississippi

Check out the video we made to document all of the amazing work done by the Louisiana SPCA, the Humane Society of South Mississippi and the SPCA of Texas this past week.


Thank you, North Texas, for opening your hearts and homes to new family members!

The SPCA of Texas is thrilled that 151 animals were adopted from Monday, August 27th through Friday, August 31st! We're thankful for all of the wonderful people who opened their homes to new, four-legged best friends.

Laney and Cotton Wag Away

Our odd couple, Laney and Cotton, came in together as best friends who were inseperable. They were waiting for their new, loving family for two weeks here at the SPCA of Texas, and now they are getting their fairytale ending. We will miss you, Laney and Cotton but are so excited for your bright future!



Dixie's Going Home!

One of our long-term doggie residents, Dixie, found her forever home today! Her new owner had been watching Dixie's profile on our website for about two weeks when she decided that she couldn't wait any longer to adopt her! Dixie knew exactly where she was going once her new mommy got ready to take their picture! Look how happy she and her new family are!

Adoptions Continue to Soar!

We had some great adoptions yesterday at our Jan Rees-Jones Animal Care Center in Dallas! We are so thankful for the amazing support we've received through all of this! Thank you!

                                            Bobby's adoption was sponsored by a generous donation!                    Diamond, a Louisiana girl, was adopted!




Dora and her dad make one happy family!                                     Pinky can't wait to go home with her new mommy!




 Havarti and his new family are too sweet!                                        Phoebe's mommy is already in love!


Zuzu, a Louisiana pup, is going to have a blast with his new family!            Happy and his new mommy!


Hudson and his new mommy!                                                                    Speckle and her new, happy mommy!












Clara Bell and her new family!

More McKinney Adoptions!

We are so appreciative of the support we've gotten over the past few days here at the SPCA of Texas! Here are some more photos of our amazing adoptions at our Perry Animal Care Center in McKinney!


 Ashes can't wait to go home!                                                             Audrey and her new dad!


 Ciara and her new family will have a blast!                                        Clementine and her new mommy!


 Cosmo and her new family!                                                                 Dudley and his new daddy!


 Emma Jean and her new family!                                                           Kerby is so happy he found his new home!


 Libby and her new, sweet family!                                                           Libby's sister, Lizzy, went home, too!


 Popper and his new mommy!                                                                  Pretty Girl can't wait to go home!


 Watson is so adorable with his new dad!                                                Whipp and his new family!

Zack just can't wait to go home!

More Happy Homes Today at the SPCA of Texas!

What a great Wednesday we had here at the SPCA of Texas! We had a total of 48 adoptions between both of our McKinney and Dallas shelters! We couldn't be happier with the amount of support we've had since our Louisiana and Mississippi transfers on Tuesday! Here are a few of our photos taken at our Jan Rees-Jones Animal Care Center in Dallas:


 Bailey can't wait to go home with her new dad!                            What a wonderful family Marley has!


 Pheobe is our first Louisiana dog adoption!                                  What a beautiful family! Congratulations, Saphira!


Siri's dad was so happy to take her home!                                    Stella and her new mommy make a great pair!


Lola says goodbye to Karen, our ACC Assistant Supervisor!       Viking and his new mommy are two peas in a pod!


Laredo and her new dad have left the building!                               Craedos can't wait to go home with his new family!


 Carl is going home with his new mom tonight!                         Carmen with her new family. Thank you for adopting!


 Cody joins a four-legged sister in his new family!                           Cola and his new parents!


Jolly, a Mississippi kitty, with her new family!                           Lorraine will definitely be kept busy with this fun family!


Muenster is going home with two new friends!                                The lucky recipients of our sponsored adoptions!


Jenny's adoption fee was sponsored, too!                                         Phoebe went home with her new dad!

Jenny is available for adoption!

The first pet from the Hurricane Isaac transfer has been put out on our adoption floor! Jenny is an 8-month-old female Pug mix who is waiting for her forever home at the SPCA of Texas' Jan Rees-Jones Animal Care Center in West Dallas. Jenny came to us from the Louisiana SPCA.Jenny

Remember, we're open late tonight (both locations), until 8 p.m. and all dog and cat adoption fees have been reduced by 50% through this Friday.

If you have room in your heart and in your home for a new best friend, please come out and adopt.

Lots of Love in McKinney!

Our Perry Animal Care Center in McKinney had a great turnout yesterday! We captured some great moments of our wonderful adoptions yesterday and we're hoping to capture even more today! Thanks to all of our adopters who supported the SPCA of Texas in our efforts to make room for our Louisiana and Mississippi animal evacuees!


Adrian and his new dad!                                          Baby Ruth is ready for his ride home!    


  Brady and his new dad!                                           Clover and his new family!     


Drake can't wait to go home!                                    Finch loves his new dad!



KeKe can't wait to go home!                                     Pollyanna sure has a beautiful new family!   

 Sampson and his new mommy!

Don't forget we have 50% off dog and cat adoptions until Friday, August 31st!

Oreos is Off!

After a long afternoon of contemplating adoption, Oreos's new family decided that they just couldn't live without her! This morning, Oreos's new family came across WFAA Channel 8's coverage of our new Louisiana and Mississippi dog and cat evacuees and decided to come on out to the SPCA of Texas and adopt Oreos! They just couldn't resist her wild and crazy hairdo!

Linda's Leavin'!

Marty McFly's sister, Linda, has left the building with her new dad! After hearing about our Louisiana and Mississippi transfers on both the radio and TV, Linda's new dad said he knew today was the perfect day to adopt! Thank you for supporting the SPCA of Texas and congratulations!

Snickers Goes Home!

Snickers and his new mommy can't wait to go home together! His mom, a New Orleans native, said that today's Louisiana transfer really hit home. Since she was looking to adopt her first animal here in Dallas, she knew there wouldn't be a more perfect time than now! Thank you for supporting the SPCA of Texas and congratulations!

Luke Can't Wait to Go Home!

Luke's new family drove almost two hours to come adopt him today! His new dad said that they came to the SPCA of Texas after hearing about all of our new animal evacuees from Louisiana and Mississippi! Thank you for supporting the SPCA of Texas and congratulations on your new addition!

Chico Goes Home!

After months of waiting at our shelter, we're so happy that Chico found his new home! His new family saw our Hurricane Isaac story on the news this morning and knew they wanted to help. Thanks to Chico's new family and congratulations!

Happy Tails for Samantha!

Samantha, the beautiful 1-year-old Basset Hound found her forever family today after they saw her on Fox 4 this afternoon! Her new family had been looking for a Basset Hound for quite some time and knew it was the perfect day to come get her! Their adoption will help us make room for our newest dog and cat friends from Louisiana and Mississippi!

Lucy Finds Her Forever Home!

Choco's sister, Lucy, found her new family today, too! We've had some great adoptions and we can't wait to see more tonight!

Marty McFly Travels Home!

One of our precious 2-month-old Shepherd mix pups, Marty McFly, found his new home this afternoon! Though his new mom did not know about all of the room we'd be needing for our Hurricane Isaac dogs and cats, she was happy to hear that she was able to help us out by adopting her new best friend today. These two are going to have a blast together!

Choco Goes Home!

As we begin getting our newest four-legged evacuees ready for adoption, we're making room at our shelters by offering 50 percent off of all dog and cat adoptions through Friday, August 31. We're happy to report that we had our first adoption at our Jan Rees-Jones Animal Care Center in Dallas this afternoon! Meet Lori and her newest best friend, Choco!

PHOTOS: Gulf Coast Transfers at the SPCA of Texas

Check out all our photos of the dogs and cats who came from the gulf coast on our Facebook page! Go to our Facebook photo album to see them and even download them.


They're here!

All of the animals have safely arrived at our shelters! The Louisiana SPCA arrived at the Russell H. Perry Animal Care Center in McKinney at 6:55 a.m. with 87 cats and 60 dogs. The Humane Society of South Mississippi arrived at the Jan Rees-Jones Animal Care Center in Dallas at 8:15 a.m. with 34 cats. So that’s a total of 181 dogs and cats.

All of the animals had a long ride, but they’re all settled in with fresh water, healthy food and lots of cuddles. Huge thanks go out to the teams from Louisiana and Mississippi who made the long drive to bring the animals to North Texas! The SPCA of Texas is thrilled to be able to help the Louisiana SPCA and the Humane Society of South Mississippi make room for the animals sure to need help as Isaac hits the Gulf Coast.

We’ll be transferring 50 of the dogs to our Jan Rees-Jones Animal Care Center today and are going to be evaluating all of the animals so that we can put as many of these adoptable transfers onto our adoption floors as soon as possible, hopefully today! Stay tuned to www.spca.org/findapet to see all our adoptable pets.

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