Play House


Benchy Bungalow - Ridgemont/GFF


Bark + Build Team: Quorum Architects, Inc  Modern Contractors





The Play House is a doghouse that is visually enjoyable, but functional and interactive as well. There are two levels in the Play House. The lower level, covered in wood, provides shelter and can house a dog bed making it feel cozy. The upper level, and the ramp leading up to it, are covered in turf. This allows the dog to have traction to get to the upper level while being soft under foot. The second level also provides protection from outdoor elements, as well as a higher view of the surroundings. One side of the structure has tennis balls at varying heights that can rotate for the dog to play with, while the other side has toy tug ropes that are detachable. The owner can unhook them, play with their dog, and reattach them. As the ropes get old and deteriorate, the owner can purchase additional rope and attach it to the Play House. It is an interactive doghouse allowing both owner and pup to have fun for hours on end!


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Bark + Build Teams

Array Architects /Structuretone

Malone Maxwell Borson Architects /James R. Thompson, Inc.

Domiteaux + Baggett Architects /the Robert Hopson Construction Group


HKS Architects /McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.

PBK /Mycon General Contractors

Marisol Feavel & Anita Delgado /JE Dunn Construction

5G Studio /Clark Contractors

GPD Group and GPD Group Construction

CMA /Company


WRA Architects /Joeris General Contractors

HDR Architecture /MEDCO Construction

Beck Architecture /The Beck Group

Humphreys & Partners Architects /Jorden Foster Residential

Curtis Group Architects /Novel Builders

Quorum Architects, Inc. /Modern Contractors

Brown Reynolds Watford Architects /Baker Triangle

GSR-Andrade Architects /Hillwood Construction

BOKA Powell /Hill + Wilkinson General Contractors

FKP /Austin Commercial

GFF/Land Design /T&G Constructors

The Dimension Group /Turnkey Construction