Rescue & Investigations

Investigating reports of animal cruelty is one of the toughest but one of the most vital parts of our mission.

The SPCA of Texas maintains a Rescue and Investigations Department with three full-time humane investigators who respond to more than 4,000 cases of cruelty each year in Texas of which less than 20--or less than half of one percent--are pursued with civil charges. The balance of the cruelty investigations are resolved through education and compliance.

Receiving an average of 5,000 calls a year from people who have seen or know about cases of animal cruelty, the Rescue and Investigations team rescues approximately 1,300 animals in distress each year in a variety of Texas counties. The phone calls are requests for investigation because the animals don’t have water, food, shelter or care. Other calls often include cruel confinement or abuse concerns.

Most animals investigated or rescued are dogs, cats, horses and cattle. Humane Investigators receive on-the-job training in Animal Cruelty and continuing education of different varieties.

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We urgently need your support to ensure that we can continue our work on behalf of homeless and helpless animals. Care of rescued animals amounts to more than $30 per animal per day.

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Rescue & Investigations

Rescue and Investigations
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