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Vaccinations, blood tests, de-worming medicines and antibiotics are just a few of the vet expenses we face as we care for hundreds of animals in our shelters every day. We give our furry friends the best veterinary care to keep them healthy so they can find new homes. And you can help us give that necessary care by supporting our Mend a Friend program!

Mend a Friend is a special program that enlists donors to help offset the cost of the vet care we provide our shelter pets. When you donate to Mend a Friend, you're helping to provide basic vet care for all of our pets, plus special care for sick pets in our medical wards and foster homes. You'll also support our other programs and services.

Want to see how Mend a Friend helped some recent shelter pets? See below to read their stories.

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Blondie is a happy, smart six-year-old female Shepherd mix. She was transferred to the SPCA of Texas from another shelter. Shortly after her arrival, she became sick with kennel cough and had to go to the medical annex for treatment. She made a full recovery and eventually found her forever home. Here is an update from Blondie's new mom:

"When I met some of the staff at the SPCA Clinic during Blondie's Wellness Check, it was apparent that Blondie holds a special place in their hearts. It's so nice to know that she was well taken care of and so loved. Please be assured that she is loved here in her new home as well. She is fitting in wonderfully.  She has blended in and made her place in her new "pack". At first, she was a little protective of Greg & me with our other dogs, Lady and Amen, but now she's calmed down and doesn't see them as a threat anymore. Just today, she initiated a playful game of 'let's chase'. All three dogs are getting along fine and we are so glad that Blondie is in our lives.  

We've learned that Blondie isn't fond of going to her kennel when we have to leave the house.  We're still working on getting her to go in voluntarily. She's really good when we're home though.  She's especially good at night. She lies down right beside our bed and hasn't had an accident once. She has to have a toy with her or she tends to get tissues out of the trash can. (She's training us a little too.) Although she doesn't get on our bed (like Lady and Amen do), she has made her special spot on the corner of our living room couch. It's kinda funny when Greg & I are sitting on the couch, watching TV. We each have a dog on one side of us and Blondie on one of our laps. She thinks she's a small lap dog. I think they all think they are our children and forget they're dogs! Oh well, we love 'em!

Thanks for helping to bring Blondie to our home!"

*** Please, help an animal by donating today. Your donation to the Mend a Friend program will help provide vet care to animals like Blondie, as well as support our other programs and services. ***

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Annie, a four-year-old female Terrier mix, is a rescued dog who spent two months in a foster home after arriving at the SPCA of Texas. Here is her story, in her adoptive mom's own words:

"In September of 2006, my husband and I had to have our beloved dogs, ages 17 and 15 1/2 put down at the same time. We decided it would be too painful to adopt another. Two years later, we met Annie, who had come to the SPCA with a group of 80 dogs, rescued in Arkansas. Two days after arriving at the SPCA shelter in McKinney, she delivered a litter of 5 puppies. We first met Annie when she and her puppies were being fostered by our daughter-in-law's sister. It was love at first sight and once her babies were weaned and she was spayed and ready for adoption, we were waiting at the SPCA shelter to adopt her and take her home. Annie has completely stolen our hearts. She sleeps on our bed, sits on our laps and walks 1 1/2 mile each day with her "dad". Her favorite pastime is fetching the ball and she tries to involve our resident cats, Gus and Buck, in her playtime...to no avail.

Thank you for the love and care you gave her and for making it possible for her to join our family and to enrich our lives."

*** Please help an animal by donating today. Your donation to the Mend a Friend program will help provide vet care to animals like Annie, as well as support our other programs and services. ***

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Marley was only four months old when she came to the SPCA from another shelter. Like all new SPCA animals, she was given a series of blood tests and treatments that would help keep her healthy while she lived in the shelter. She was given worming medicines, flea and tick medicine, and several vaccinations (rabies, bordatella and parvo/distemper). She tested positive for Coccidia, an organism that causes severe diarrhea, but it was easily treated with the medicine our vet gave her. Marley stayed in good health, and she soon found a new home.

Here's an update from Marley's mom:

"Our adoption of Jayden (we named her Marley) was just what our family needed. Thirteen years ago, we adopted our first family member, Austin, from the SPCA Dallas. It was a wonderful 13 years until he passed away from sinus cancer. Our family was devastated and was convinced that we could never love another dog again. Family members over the year would come and visit us and say how empty our house was without Austin around. They were right. After months of searching the SPCA website daily we fell upon Marley. We had seen so many dogs that looked sweet but for some reason Marley stood out. I ran out to the SPCA Dallas right after work and brought her home. Our home feels complete again. Our boys are so in love with her and even say Austin would have loved her too. It is strange because she almost seems to feel grateful for saving her with her cuddles and the way she looks at all of us with a wag of her tail.

I just wanted to pass this story on in hopes that not only could someone save an animals life but that an animal could save a family from heartbreak.


Marley's Mom"

*** Please help an animal by donating today. Your donation to the Mend a Friend program will help provide vet care to animals like Marley, as well as support our other programs and services. **

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Moby is a three-year-old female Domestic Shorthair. She is a little shy, but she likes to be petted. She came to the SPCA of Texas from another shelter, and it took a while for her to settle in. A few weeks after arriving at the SPCA, she came down with an upper respiratory illness and colitis. She was moved to one of our medical annexes, where she was given medicines and extra TLC. Moby recovered after a few weeks and returned to the Adoption Center, where she eventually met her adoptive family. Here's an update from her new family:

"Moby is doing GREAT! She has adjusted beautifully! She runs from room to room and is happy as can be... The best part is she has made my mother very happy since she had to put her sweet kitty of 7 years down the week before. Moby has made someone as happy as she now is!

Thank you SPCA! "

*** Please help an animal by donating today. Your donation to the Mend a Friend program will help provide vet care to animals like Moby, as well as support our other programs and services. ***

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Chloe is a charming, energetic one-year-old female Domestic Shorthair. She was abandoned at our Perry Campus in McKinney and discovered by shelter employees. She had a number of medical problems that required treatment, including upper respiratory illness, intestinal colitis and hair loss. A month later, Chloe was healthy and ready to leave the shelter for good with her new family.

Here's an update from Chloe's mom:

"We adopted Chloe a little over a month ago and just wanted to let you know how great things have been going! Her shelter name was Squirt and she was the precious little calico cat that Lindsey on your staff so kindly introduced us to (she was originally planning to adopt her). We decided to rename her Chloe Valentine Squirt (Valentine because we got her the day before Valentine's Day, and we just had to keep Squirt as part of her name too!). She has been such a joy and has fit right into our family!

She and our 6 year old cat, Dietrich, became friends amazingly quickly. I think she was out 'free' with him (while supervised) the second day we had her and she was no longer needing her 'safe room' by day 4 or 5. They were timid with each other at first and very curious. Now they sleep near one another on the couch or on the end of our bed. They wrestle and chase each other a lot and love to play!

Chloe has been great with our 5 year old, Savannah, although Savannah's had to get used to the kitten in her (biting and scratching). We are working with her on that and she's getting better! Chloe loves to chase Savannah through the house running after a pink mouse toy Savannah pulls behind her. She would sleep with Savannah but she doesn't like how she pounces on her and bites her toes under the blankets!! :) I bet that changes in time!

We love her and are so happy to have her as a part of our family.

Thanks so much for helping us find the perfect kitty for our home!"

*** Please help an animal by donating today. Your donation to the Mend a Friend program will help provide vet care to animals like Chloe, as well as support our other programs and services. ***

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